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For over 25 years Safety Star has developed innovative safety awareness programs and products for the workplace used by literally thousands of both large and small organizations. These programs and products include: The very popular B-SAFE Safety Bingo Program and a full selection of both stock and custom Safety Bingo Cards. In addition we have developed original cost effective digital safety scoreboards, injury trackers, safety stoplights, safety scratcher games, dry erase posters, safety mirrors, safety decals and lapel pins, all of which are designed to improve your safety results.


Safety Star has the best selection and prices on safety bingo programs and supplies you will find anywhere. We can offer the lowest prices because we print all of our own materials and sell directly to our customers. We do not have to inflate prices to accommodate dealers or distributors like our competition. We create custom dry erase posters for all your organizational and display needs using our inexpensive, State of the Art technology and it won’t burst your budget!


Our B-SAFE Safety Bingo Game

B-SAFE Safety Bingo provides daily positive reinforcement for promoting safe work behavior. Employees encourage one another on their working teams to work safely in order to keep the game going and win cash or prizes.

Our Safety Bingo Game is designed to improve safety awareness and promote good work practices by rewarding employees with cash or prizes when they complete a month without a game ending injury.

B-SAFE Safety Bingo is a fun, effective way to create a safer workplace. We will provide you with an easy step-by-step guide to understanding the game and getting started. You'll find instructions, ideas, and straightforward answers to all of your questions about developing a Safety Bingo Program.

Safety Bingo Cards

Our safety bingo cards are extremely popular with employees as they are produced on brightly colored, 65 lb. cardstock and do not tear easily. In addition they come in two sizes; small credit card size and larger regular bingo paper size. Our Safety Bingo Cards are printed in a variety of different colors to ensure that the correct card is being played for each game. All games come in a different color at no extra charge. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you set up your specific Safety bingo program!

Dry Erase Posters

Ask any manager or educator, and they’ll tell you that dry erase surfaces are indispensable tools. That’s why we’ve created Track & Wipe dry erase posters. Our custom color dry erase posters are a cost effective alternative to rigid white boards for keeping your organization informed. Because we custom design and produce our dry erase posters in-house, our design department can accommodate any of your organizational communication needs.

Dry Erase Posters are an interactive and eye-catching way to bring attention to your company goals and company procedures as well as help you track general company metrics. The marking surface on our fully customizable dry erase posters is a 5 mil. coated polyester lamination – the 'Gold Standard' for dry erase applications.

We then print your graphics on a 32 lb. high quality bond paper. The back of our dry erase poster is 5 mil. gloss lamination making the total thickness of our posters a substantial 11 mil. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you display your organization's results with a full color custom dry erase surface.

Don't be fooled by our competition who use simple “Gloss” lamination that will not wipe off cleanly!


Visit our online store to view all our safety products. Have a question? Call us today! (800) 850-3282 If would like to contact us via email, please Click Here. We welcome any comments or questions you may have, and we look forward to hearing from you.